Nanaja was born in Dragon’s Aery during the Crystal War.  A few years after her birth there was a battle held in the Sanctuary of Zi’Tah.  Beastmen pushed back by the allied soldiers of Windurst and Jeuno fled into the Boyahada Tree.  The great dragon king, Nidhogg, watched as the soldiers pursued the beastmen into the great tree.  Nidhogg returned to Dragon’s Aery to warn the other dragons and wyverns that the battle has reached the tree and will soon reach their den.

After warning the others, there was an explosion at the entrance.  Countless Yagudo bodies flew into the den.  Bolts of lightning, shards of ice, and the heat of flames blew through the beastmen forces.  The dragons never wanted to get involved in the war so all but Nidhogg and his faithful companion, Fafnir, fled out the back exit.

While fleeing the battlefield, a bolt of lightning struck Nanaja’s wing.  Hearing Nanaja’s painful screech, Jormungand, a powerful dragon heading northwest, turned around and grabbed Nanaja out of the air.  Jormungand knew that he could not take Nanaja with him and had to find a safe place to leave her.  While flying over East Ronfaure, Jormungand saw some ruins and decided that he could leave Nanaja there.

One day while exploring in East Ronfaure Nanaja decided to examine a wild rabbit in the bushes.  Nanaja went up to the rabbit and tapped it with her nose.  Feeling threatened by the tap, the rabbit kicked her in the nose and fled out of the bushes.  A young boy named Izan and his father training nearby heard the bush’s rustle and went over to check it out.  Izan noticed that the little wyvern’s wing was badly damaged and asked his father if he could keep the wyvern.  Izan’s parents agreed to let him keep the wyvern until her wing was healed.  Izan named his new friend “Nanaja” but often called her “Nana”.

Nanaja spent two weeks healing.  During that time Nanaja and Izan would often go out into East Ronfaure to play with Izan’s childhood friend, Vynala.  Nanaja always seemed to be jealous of Vynala but quickly became her friend.  Izan and Vynala helped Nanaja fly again by putting her food up in a tree near the Southern San d’Oria gate.  Izan’s parents noticed that Izan and Nanaja had a strong connection to each other and decided to allow Izan to keep her.  Izan’s parents died a month afterwards; leaving them both alone.

Nanaja helped Izan get through the loss of his parents.  Wherever Izan went Nanaja was never far behind.  Nanaja and Izan knew that they were meant to be together.  Nanaja was Izan’s faithful companion.  Izan would never call Nanaja his “pet” because she was more than that; she was and remains his best friend and partner.