History: Born in the tropical village of Kazham, second of a litter of six, was Lucrezia Mayahev. Like most mithra, the village raised her communally as her mother was serving as a mercenary within the Windurstian army. Oddly, her father was never spoken of. Without anyone specific to dote on her, Lucrezia often turned to mischief to get attention whether it be picking the pockets of visiting adventurers or bopping the local mandoranga or opo-opo with a well placed pebble at which point was usually followed by running as fast as she could back to the safety of Kazham. Much to the chagrin of the village, she often made treks to Norg (a one day journey often turned into three as to this day she cannot navigate the jungle or anywhere else for that matter) where she learned the finer points of stealth, illusion, thievery and a well timed sucker shot.

    Eventually it was suggested that she might be a bad influence upon her sisters, so the village thought it would be best if she left Kazham for a while. Before leaving, she was given a note from her birth mother, which contained only a cryptic message stating that that when she was ready, she would find her father and her birthright in the Temple of Uggalepih, deep within the jungle. Perplexed but undaunted, Lucrezia then set off for Windurst for adventure and to obtain all the shiny objects she could lay her paws on as a thief, for by her reasoning, who would make a better cat burglar than a cat.

    While still in her novice adventuring days, she was eager to aid her nation on mercenary missions, which brought her into contact with her future partner Ranzz. While originally thinking him an easy mark, she found he was rather useful as a partner and decided to keep him around. Despite their bickering and his complaining about the dangers she drags him into, theyre actually quite good friends.

    Having accomplished much, including restoring hope to Windurst and being made a Major in its army, Lucrezia will be the first to acknowledge that she has a long way to go in both experience and skill. Always on the lookout for the next big score to finance her expensive tastes, she often takes unnecessary risks while on her own. Old habits die hard, so Lucrezia is often known to provoke the ire of monsters everywhere, much to the dismay of her companions who often have to come to her aid. Lucrezia is a hopeless dabbler and as such, often has a million half finished crafts and semi-used weapons on the go at once.

    Likes: kind, fuzzy galka (teddy bears), all things shiny and expensive, cute little tarutarus, sushi, helping friends, adventure, peace and quiet, looking stylish

    Dislikes: mimics, tonberry, overly relying on others, monsters that wont give up their shinys, getting K.Od, Cids horse teeth