History: The son of Troan and Maga Mist'ellor, a famous Bastoker alchemist couple who's experiments forced them out of bastok due to their strange and frightening results. Growing up in San D'oria, under the alias of Trow Smittivanjagermistenberg, he was taught in the ways of both the light and dark arts. Soon discovering that he could master both arts, he set off to make a name for himself, Having heard the stories of the Great War From his Parents and the horrors wrought under the Beastman Banner, he went forth to learn all he could. Feeling at peace in the woods and using the land to its fullest he became a natural carpenter. Still scared mentally by the explosion in his youth that forced his parents to flee or be imprisoned, Trow suffers lapses in memory causing his strange behavior. He wandered aimlessly learning what he could, upon studying Ninjitsu in his native Bastok, He came across a group of adventures as talented and eccentric as himself, Calling themselves The Blue Elephant Brigade.