History: Tsakiki, known to most of her friends as simply Kiki, grew up in Windurst, proud of the natural beauty of her city. Always tall for her age, she naturally fell into the role of protector amongst her schoolmates. Somewhat uncomfortable with using magic, she decided to break with Tarutaru tradition, and took up the path of the warrior. Whatever she did, her best friend Grymalkyn was nearly always at her side.

Kiki grew in awe of the Paladins she came across throughout Vana'diel, and eventually made her way to San d'Oria, to study with the renowned Balasiel. He tested her abilities and finally deemed her worthy of the Paladin title. Her parents were quite pleased, since she'd start using her magic capabilities as a Paladin, and her Taru genes wouldn't be completed wasted.

While in San d'Oria, she befriended a young Elvaan boy, Ailbeche. His enthusiasm for fishing was contagious, and Kiki has been fishing for fun and profit. She is currently trying to help Gallijaux with his fishing competion against his brother Joulet. In the meantime, she is also studying woodworking, so that she will be able to repair her fishing rods when they break.

Grymalkyn and Kiki have been part of a group of adventurers for quite awhile, but as time goes on, the group rarely finds time to meet. Grymalkyn has never been comfortable with large groups of people, so she and Kiki have been exploring the ways of the Beastmasters. Kiki still intends to pursue her career as a Paladin, though she is sad that it will be without her constant companion at her side.