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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  De'Vyu Headhunter, Emerald Quadav, Go'Bhu Gascon, Broo
Chest Items  Adept's Rope, Garnet, Turquoise, Light Opal
Gil Treasure  3500-6500 Gil
Notes  None

 Treasure Coffer Information

Coffer Information

Key Holders  Darksteel Quadav, Sapphire Quadav, Ancient Quadav, Platinum Quadav
Chest Items  Scroll of Burst, Chrysoberyl, Peridot
Gil Treasure  4500-14500 Gil
Notes  Old Gauntlets obtained only by White Mages on their Artifact Hands quest
 Gallant Breeches obtained only by Paladins on their Artifact quest
 Beast Jackcoat obtained only by Beastmasters on their Artifact quest
 Temple Cyclas obtained only by Monks on their Artifact quest

Connected Zones

Pashhow Marshlands

Qulun Dome

Located deep within the Pashhow Marshlands, far from the reach of Bastokan and San d'Orian forces, the Quadav began building their main stronghold after their defeat in the Great War. To continue the construction of their city, they have relentlessly stolen large quantities of the non-rusting mythril from Bastok, as well as the techniques used by the republican craftsmen.

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