Castle Oztroja

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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Yagudo Zealot, Yagudo Conquistador, Yagudo Lutenist, Yagudo Pior
Chest Items  Electrum Hairpin, Sardonyx, Turquoise, Ametrine, Sphene, Goshenite, Peridot, Light Opal
Gil Treasure  5000-6500 Gil
Notes  Beast Collar obtained only by Beastmasters on their Artifact quest

 Treasure Coffer Information
Key Holders  Yagudo Prelate, Yagudo Conducter, Yagudo Flagellant, Yagudo Assassin, Yagudo's Elemental
Chest Items  Safeguard Ring, Moonstone, Painite, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Zircon, Jadeite, Sunstone
Gil Treasure  8500-15000 Gil
Notes  Rogue's Culotte obtained only by Thieves on their Artifact quest
Warlock's Tabard obtained only by Red Mages on their Artifact quest
Chaos Cuirass obtained only by Dark Knights on their Artifact quest
Choral Cannions obtained only by Bards on their Artifact quest

Connected Zones
Alter Room Meriphataud Mountains

The birdlike beastmen known as the Yagudo spent decades carving this stronghold out of the mountains in the Meriphataud Range. In addition to being strictly guarded, the interior of the castle is extremely complex and littered with traps and curses that only members of the Yagudo Theomilitary have been informed of.

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