Crawlers' Nest

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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Mushussu, Exoray, Hornfly, Blazer Beetle, Labyurinth Lizard, Soul Stinger, Rumble Crawler, Wespe
Chest Items  Gigant Axe, Peridot, Turquoise, Sphene, Goshenite, Onyx, Garnet, Ametrine
Gil Treasure  5500-8500 Gil
Notes  Crawler's Blood obtained only by Red Mages on their Artifact quest

 Treasure Coffer Information
Key Holders  Helm Beetle, Crawler Hunter, Knight Crawler, Water Elemental
Chest Items  Chrysoberyl, Aquamarine, Painite, Hi-Reraiser
Gil Treasure  6000-12000 Gil
Notes  Old Gauntlets obtained only by Beasmasters and Monks on their Artifact Hands quest
 Healer's Pantaloons obtained only by White Mages on their Artifact quest
 Choral Roundlet obtained only by Bards on their Artifact quest
 Hunter's Braccae obtained only by Rangers on their Artifact quest
 Fighter's Mask obtained only by Warriors on their Artifact quest

Connected Zones
Rolanberry Fields

This web-filled cave plays home to the pests that plague the Rolanberry Fields: the crawlers. While the extermination of these insects by adventurers is approved and rewarded, not once has the Jeunoan military led a full-force attack on the nest. Theories suggest that the lack of support from Jeuno is due to the economic benefits the duchy receives from the sale of silk, a valuable commodity that often accompanies the yellow and black pests.

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