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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Orcish Bowshooter, Orcish Footsoldier, Orcish Trooper, Orcish Firebelcher
Chest Items  Electrum Ring, Turquoise, Sphene, Ametrine, Garnet, Onyx, Goshenite, Peridot, Light Opal
Gil Treasure  3500-6500 Gil

Connected Zones

Jugner Forest

Monastic Cavern

After the conclusion of the Great War nearly twenty years ago, an attack by the remaining Orcish troops on this peaceful Elvaan monastery left the tiny sanctuary in ruins and under the control of the beastmen. Years later, the Orcs transformed the area into their main stronghold, delighted by the layout of the surrounding area, as well as the protection that the monastic caverns provided. While there have been many attempts by the San d'Orian Royal Knights to reclaim this area, the ever-weakening forces of the kingdom remain powerless in this fight and often rely on hired adventurers to assist them in their campaigns.

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