Garlaige Citadel

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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Fallen Officer, Funnel Bats, Explosure, Earth Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Fetid Flesh, Droma
Chest Items  Pyro Robe, Turquoise, Sphene, Goshenite, Peridot, Onyx
Gil Treasure  5000-10000 Gil
Notes  None

 Treasure Coffer Information

Coffer Information

Key Holders  Wraith, Fallen Major, Fallen Mage, Hellmine, Over Weapon, Vault Weapon, Magic Jug, Tainted Flesh
Chest Items  Jadeite, Light Gauntlets
Gil Treasure  
Notes  Old Gauntlets obtained only by Black Mages and Rangers on their Artifact Hands quest
 Warlock's Tights obtained only by Red Mages on their Artifact quest
 Healer's Cap obtained only by White Mages on their Artifact quest
 Gallant Coronet obtained only by Paladins on their Artifact quest
 Beast Helm obtained only by Beastmasters on their Artifact quest
 Temple Crown obtained only by Monks on their Artifact quest

Connected Zone

 Sauromugue Champaign

During the Great War, the armies of Altana, led by the first order of the Royal Knights of San d'Oria, reconstructed this underground fortress in hopes of taking the beastmen armies in Sauromugue by surprise. Outfitted with hundreds of troops from all three nations, the forces of Altana were successful in their attacks on the beastmen--until an enemy unit discovered a secret entrance to the citadel. This miscalculation resulted in the slaughter of all within the fortress, dealing a severe blow to the allied forces.

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