Gusgen Mines

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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Sadfly, Gallinipper, Rancid Ooze, Banshee, Mauthe Dog, Myconid, Wight, Ghast, Wendigo, Spunkie,
 Amphisbeana, Thunder Elemental, Greater Pugil
Chest Items  Frost Shield, Replica Maul, Tourmaline, Clear Topaz, Amber, Amethyst, Light Opal
Gil Treasure  1500-4000 Gil
Notes  Magical Pattern obtained only by a character of the proper race, when the quest The Goblin Tailor is active in

Connected Zones

Konschtat Highlands

Oldton Movalpolos

Large amounts of mythril were extracted from these twisting caverns long before the discovery of the Palborough Mines. Complete with a railway system for mine carts, Gusgen was heavily mined for many years. However, as the veins of ore were depleted, the miners packed up and moved away. Now the mines remain abandoned.

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