Halvung Territory

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Aydeewa Subterrane

Bhaflau Thickets

Mount Zhayolm

Wajaom Woodlands



Surrounding the base of Mount Zhayolm, the city of Halvung is a military fortification built by the Troll Mercenaries. While defensive foundations and mercenary barracks constructed from heat-resistant materials can be found above the surface, the bulk of Halvung is concentrated underground. The subterranean complex is favored by the mercenaries' employers--a faction of Moblins that splintered from Movalpolos in the distant past. The design of Halvung was based on the mobile homeland of the Moblins, with several modifications to allow for the towering frames of the Trolls.
The location of Halvung also brings other benefits--cast metal and jewelry crafted using the abundant geothermal energy of the volcano provide a valuable source of black market income.

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