Ordelle's Caves

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 Treasure Chest Information
Key Holders  Air Elemental, Goblin Shaman, , Goblin Smithy, Goblin Pathfinder, Goliath Beetle, Napam, Stroper, Stroper
 Chyme, Water Elemental
Chest Items  Force Belt, Amethyst, Clear Topaz, Light Opal, Tourmaline
Gil Treasure  3000-4000 Gil
Notes  Torn-Out Pages always obtained first, if the quest Signed in Blood is active
 Magical Pattern obtained only by a character of the proper race, when the quest The Goblin Tailor is active in

Connected Zone

La Theine Plateau

This is a beautiful set of limestone caves discovered by Lord Ordelle, the famed Elvaan explorer. When the map of the area was completed, the shape of the tunnels closely resembled a person's body; this resulted in the alias "the Body Caves," which is still used by the local Elvaan.

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