Quicksand Caves

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 Treasure Coffer Information
Key Holders  Helm Beetle, Sand Lizard, Sabotender Bailaor, Sand Eater, Sand Spider, Antican Signifer, Antican Hastatus,
 Antican Princeps
Chest Items  Painite, Chrysoberyl, Sunstone, Fluorite
Gil Treasure  6000-12000 Gil
Notes  Map of the Quicksand Caves always obtained first, if the character opening the coffer does not have the map
   and is not on an Artifact quest
 Myochin Haidate obtained only by Samurai on their Artifact quest
 Drachen Greaves obtained only by Dragoons on their Artifact quest

Connected Zones

Cloister of Tremors

Eastern Altepa Desert Oracles Chamber Western Altepa Desert

Once a thriving metropolis for the proud Galka, these caves still house numerous monolithic pillars and statues that, in many places, remain untouched by the sands of time. However, long ago, the Antica drove the Galka from their homes, and the tunnels were transformed into a giant nest. As a result of the constant digging of entrances and exits by the insect-like beings, the caves are relentlessly bombarded with a flow of sand from the desert above. It will not be long before the caves are completely filled and a piece of Galkan history is lost forever. However, this is of no concern to the Antica...

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