Elishmo Uplands
Temple of Uggalepih

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 Treasure Coffer Information
Key Holders  Temple Bee, Temple Guardian, Tonberry Maledictor, Tonberry Pursuer, Tonberry Stabber, Tonbery
 Dismayer, Hover Tank
Chest Items  
Gil Treasure  
Notes  Map of the Temple of Uggalepih always obtained first, if the character opening the coffer does not have the 
   map and is not on an Artifact quest
 Myochin Domaru obtained only by Samurai on their Artifact quest
 Evoker's Doublet obtained only by Summoners on their Artifact quest

Connected Zones

Den of Rancor

Sacrificial Chamber

Yhoator Jungle

Hidden deep within the dense jungle of Eastern Elshimo lies a dark, ancient temple. While it is not known by whom, or for what reason this temple was built, it is currently occupied by the Tonberries, who use it as a place to worship the evil deity Uggalepih. The local Mithra fear this "temple of misery," and advise that all keep their distance.
The technology used to construct its walls and pillars suggest that a high level of civilization was once centered in the surrounding jungles. However, nature has taken its course over the centuries, and now giant trees and plants slowly eat away at this once mighty structure.

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